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TV & Film Memorabilia
is a specialist supplier of cult TV and film items, from dvds to collectable merchandise.
From Hammer House of Horror and Doctor Who items, to classic sci-fi and cult films and associated products from all eras.

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Walking Dead and Doctor Who merchandise available

Also check the above links for a large range of products devoted to the latest blockbuster movies including The Mummy, Wonder Woman, Blade Runner 2017 and many more...
We shall be attending a number of shows & events this coming year and, as normal, there will be the usual large range of collectable toys, Dr Who, DVDS, Blu Rays, Books, Magazines etc on display.

Please contact us for further details

TV & Film Memorabilia, 37 Munster Rd, London, SW6 4ER
0207 7369561 (8:30am - 5:30pm Mon to Fri)

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